Monday, April 14, 2014

A Sewing Sabbatical

Hello friends and fellow crafters! I'm very excited to say that I am almost ready to come back from my sewing sabbatical. I realize now that I probably should have let you all know that I'd be MIA for a while, but it was actually unintentional! I'm very close to finishing my big thesis paper, which I will defend next Friday, so that I can finally graduate in May!!! I'm also going full time at work starting May 5th, so there's been a lot of preparation (mentally and emotionally) for that.

My hope is that once I get back from my defense, I will settle in to my new job, and be able to find time to sew again. I'll be one busy girl!!!

I finally got back at the sewing machine for a few hours yesterday and finished these precious aprons! They're similar to the ones from my January post, but are even more bright to welcome in spring!!! I have two of each available in my Etsy shop, so go on over and take a look!

Also, read all the way to the end of this post for a funny story :)

I love the colors in this one. They were inspired by one of my favorite things in nature. Sometimes just before a storm, when there are dark blue/purple clouds in the distance, the wind flips the leaves of the trees over, revealing a more "lime" color. The contrast between the leaves in the sky has always  fascinated me, and this apron captures that perfectly. 

This cutie would be perfect for a little princess!

This one inspired me to plant flowers this year! Can't wait to see what I find :)

I found this fabric on clearance and fell in love. It's VERY soft, and each of the heart frames sheet music, cursive script, postage stamps, and other "love letter" things.

This apron is just the thing for spring!

I'm also working on another large grouping of coordinating aprons which have an interesting story to them. A woman from Australia messaged me on Etsy that she wanted me to make 16 aprons as party favors for 4-yr-old. I worked out a price and said that I would love to do it! After a very frustrating trip to the fabric store, trying to get things on sale and calculate what I needed, I came home and cut everything out. I sent her a message that night to say that I'd started working on them.

The next morning I had a message saying that because I hadn't responded promptly, she'd taken her business elsewhere. As disappointing and frustrating as that was, it taught me a valuable lesson. Message them back immediately or you will lose the sale.

The new plan is to finish all 16 coordinating aprons and try to sell them, either separate or together. So if you need party favors, or you just have a lot of daughters, check out my Etsy shop. Oh, and I'll do a discount for bulk orders ;)

That's all for now!


  1. Very cute aprons, Lucy Beth! Such a gorgeous variety! Good luck in your sales.

  2. I love the variety of aprons, but the daisies are my favorite.

  3. Best of luck with defending! Also, so many adorable aprons!