Friday, February 7, 2014

Under a Hundred: Storage Solutions and Wall Art

Although it's been forever since I've posted about renovating our rental, but I have been thinking, dreaming, pinteresting NON STOP!!! JT and I have had many conversations so far this year about where we live and I'm so glad that we've decided to stick with our $500/month 2-bedroom apartment! It is perfect for us now, and I'm really enjoying the makeover process. By saving money on rent, we can afford to make our home look nice using things that will go with us when we do decide to move!

One of our biggest struggles is storage. With a large laundry room, two bedrooms, and a single-car garage, there is plenty of SPACE. But space doesn't mean storage. Let's be real...stacks of cardboard boxes and rubber maids is not efficient or appealing. 

Also...a big built-in bookshelf is not great storage. This lovely catch-all was always overflowing with clutter. I solved this storage problem with some cute storage bins from Tuesday Morning ($20), and a curtain ($10) to hide half of the mess. 

Another issue in our house is what to do with pi's and loungewear. It isn't dirty, but we don't feeling like putting it back away. It always ends up on the bed, floor, chair, etc. So I found these two adorable fabric bins at TJ Maxx to hold these problematic items ($25). They work perfectly under our night stands! The tables are painted with a $4 half-gallon of green paint from the Lowe's "oops" table.

We have finally moved most of our things into the back bedroom. I have to try not to cringe sometimes when I see the panelling, but I'm doing everything I can to improve it!!!

I had a few canvas paintings form high school and college that didn't work in any of the rooms, so I pulled of the canvas, leaving plain frames. I bought paint, burlap, pom pons, wood letters, and a neat wood cut frame at Michaels for $25. After a few hours of crafting...VOILA! Gallery wall for the master bedroom! I hope one day to have a really wide dresser to go on this wall, and maybe a small tv. The horizontal layout really makes the room look bigger!

Our yet-to-be hung headboard that I made JT for a wedding gift :)

More artwork I already had, and a cute heart farm that I purchased form Michaels and embellished!

I found this handsome fella at Goodwill. They have been raising their prices on well-known brands and other "nice" items. I turned down an awesome mirrored side table because I knew I could get a new one for a similar price. However, I couldn't turn down this awesome piece that looks like it jumped off the page of a magazine ($13). 

I also found this adorable bowl on the clearance rack at TJMaxx, which is always FULL of goodies! ($6)

So for $100, I was able to clean up some clutter and spruce up our bedroom. Organization and decoration are two things that will make you feel LOADS better about your rental :)

Up next...the laundry/mud room. HELP!!!!!

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  1. Good for is SO nice to make progress and be pleased with it......and I always find I get more done when I am more organized too. The mud room will be a challenge.......hope it goes well. :) Gentle Joy